Data Protection Management

Data protection evolves into a fundamental principle

On May 25, 2018 the European General Data Protection Regulation unifying data protection in the EC came into force. It requires companies to establish a data protection management to ensure the protection of personal data.

EU representative according to Article 27 GDPR

Companies without a registered office within the EU are obliged to appoint a representative according to Article 27 GDPR, if they process EU citizen’s personal data on a regular basis,

• to offer goods or services or
• to monitor their behaviour

We assume the position as your EU representative according to Article 27 GDPR and serve as your contact person for data protection supervisory authorities and affected persons.

External data protection officer

A German company that

• employs at least 10 persons permanently to process personal data
• is subject to privacy protection assessment according to Article 35 GDPR
• transfers personal data business like
• or processes personal data for market and opinion research purposes

is obliged to appoint an internal or external data protection officer. If you prefer to choose an external data protection officer, we offer to take over this obligation. We are certified as data protection officers by the German ‘Gesellschaft für Informationssicherheit AG’.

Data protection has benefits:

• it strengthens your clients trust in your company
• the entire company organization is optimized
• the protection of business and trade secrets is improved
• your employees sensibility to data protection is enhanced

We offer:

• we advise your management regarding your data protection obligations
• we are contact person for your employees, customers and affected persons
• we assure the compliance of your website concerning data protection regulations
• we ensure the compliance of your company concerning data economy
• we take care of your employee’s data protection
• we set and supervise the implementation of technical and organisational measures for data protection
• we give recommendations for contracts, employment agreements and guidelines according to GDPR
• we take care of your obligations to provide data protection information for affected persons
• we do privacy protection assesments
• we prepare order-processing contracts
• we advise you on the preparation of your record of processing activities
• we do privacy risk analysis for your company
• we minimize your risk of data breach
• we safeguard the risk of data transmissions outside the EU
• we prepare your yearly data protection report
• we support you in case of data breach
• and we are your contact person for data protection supervisory authorities