Will there be problems if I want to change my tax consultant or auditor?

No, the process is easy and straightforward. We will contact your tax consultant or auditor and your tax office, obtain all necessary information and take care of everything that needs to be done. Changing your tax adviser or auditor is handled in a professional manner by tax advisers, auditors and your tax office. They are obliged to ensure a smooth handover of all data.

Münster is far away from us. Does it matter where we are based?

No. With the use of up to date communications and cutting edge technology we can offer our services anywhere. We advise clients from throughout Germany and abroad.

How long am I tied in if I mandate you?

You are not bound for a certain period of time. You are free to disengage us any time you want, but actually clients leave us rarely.

How can I be certain that my affairs will remain confidential?

Absolut discretion is the foundation of our collaboration. A client must be able to trust his consultant without any restrictions. You have to consent explicitly before we share any information or documents.

How do I know that the claims on this site are true and that you will provide an excellent service?

Our clients really do come first, and we take great pride in our track record as problem solvers. We constantly hone our skills and aim to exceed your expectations. We work hard, because we would like you to recommend us to business partners, friends, and family. Focus Money magazine has rated us ‘One of the best tax consultants in Germany’.

Can I also consult you for personal investments or pension plans?

No we only advise in fields we have expertise. We happily recommend an expert.

Do you charge me each time I pose a question?

No, we will arrange an inclusive fee for all services. If you want to mandate us with an additional task, we will fix fees before we start working.

Are your fees tax-deductible?

Yes, you can deduct your tax fees with a few small exceptions. The fees for accounting, payroll accounting, financial statements, tax declaration for the company and the tax declaration for your private income are all deductible. Merely the fees for the general tax form containing your personal data and the fees for inheritance tax declarations are non-deductible.

Are your services expensive?

We want our fees to be fair and competitive. They should match your benefit. We want to render services that advance you. Our fees are transparent and comprehensible. We offer our services at a fixed price.

Is parking available in the vicinity?

There is ample parking space in front of our office building.

Is the access barrier-free?

Yes it is accessible. There are no steps in front of the building and inside you can use the lift.