Annual Financial Statements

Bespoke Annual Financial Statements

Annual financial statements are essential for minimising your taxes. At the same time they are the most important source of information for your bank, shareholders and business associates. It is important to present annual financial statements in a way to serve your varying business needs: to save on taxes, but also to show your company’s economic strength.

The annual financial statements are based either on your own financial accounting or ours. We reliably consider all requirements relating to commercial law and tax law. We deliver your annual financial statements by the requested date, and prepare opening balances, interim balances and cash flow statements.

In addition, we offer you an explanatory report, to showcase your business and highlight its impressive performance.


Distinctive Presentation of Annual Financial Statements

The review of annual financial statements is important to our clients. We believe, they should be at ease and comfortable with it. We use technology-enhanced presentation techniques to structure and illustrate your record, with key figures and graphs providing further context. We analyse expenses and revenues. On the basis of the current and previous year’s figures, we assist you in developing a strategy that will promote your business.

On request, we assist you in presenting your annual financial statements to your bank.


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