Financial Accounting and Payroll Accounting

Financial Accounting

Financial accounting is the foundation of:

• annual financial statements
• tax advice
• business consulting

To optimise your success and minimise your tax bill, you constantly need to monitor the progress of your business. That is how you increase your profits and lower your tax. We provide all necessary data. Your personal consultant will manage the accounting expertly and quickly. You can freely choose from a wide range of services, whether it be just controlling or the complete  bookkeeping package. In processing your documents, we keep an eye on VAT data, as to protect you against inadequate tax refunds. We also make sure to identify risks for your business as early as possible. Legal compliance is accurately observed, and as members of the Datev cooperative we always work with the latest technical equipment.

As we can transfer your data digitally, you will have access anytime and anywhere. Our reporting is clear, accessible, and of balance-sheet quality. Accounting is done in English or German, as required.

Additional accounting components:


On request, we set up budgets for costs and revenues, so you can align actual figures with budget figures. This serves as an early warning system for potential problems.

Cost Accounting

Your financial accounting can be enhanced by cost accounting. We will give you sound advice on the structure of your costs and revenues, set up cost centres for projects and business divisions, calculate cost units and gross margins, and tailor the cost accounting system to your company and the characteristics of your branch of trade.


Cost accounting is the basis of controlling. It tells you which products generate profits and which incur losses. With cost accounting, you can display the potential strengths of your company.


Payroll Accounting

Payroll accounting is one of the most complex areas of tax law. Your employees need to be confident that it is handled correctly. The constantly changing legal context requires extreme attention and diligence. We have a great deal of experience and can provide your business with the complete range of payroll accounting. We do this to the highest standards, competently and swiftly, with all reporting requirements taken care of. Using advanced software, we can make your data available digitally – anywhere and anytime. In addition, we support you in optimising net wages. With tax-privileged benefits you can considerably increase net wages and simultaneously keep your company’s expenditure down. We guide you through payroll tax audits and social security audits, and protect you against excessive tax claims from your inland revenue or social security services.

Of course we also provide payroll accounting for employees of international businesses operating in Germany.

If you would like us to take on your payroll accounting, your personal consultant will coordinate the initial implementation and adapt our service to your needs. Once your data is transmitted, you will receive your reports timely. Payslips will be clear and easy to understand. There is no need for post-processing. We will comply with all reporting obligations and respond to all of your questions promptly.

To simplify the collection of data, we have developed various forms for our clients. You can find these under “Tools”.


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