International Tax Law

Expert Advice on International Taxation

You think national tax law is complicated? Tax problems involving various states are even more challenging. The toughest taxation issues arise here, but there are lots of interesting opportunities as well. And that is why we have decided to specialize in all aspects of foreign tax law. We have acquired substantial knowledge and comprehensive experience in this field, and provide you with answers to all tax-related questions concerning your international activities.

Although international tax law is extremely complex, we will give you clear and detailed explanation of all stategies and conceptions designed for you. We plan ahead, help you anticipate potential risks, and draw your attention to new benefits and opportunities as they arise. As members of global network TaxPlanet, we are connected with experts on international tax counselling, accounting, and auditing in more than 35 countries.

We offer advice and conduct telephone calls, correspondence and tele-conferences in English. The same holds for reports we compile for you or to your international parent organisation. All of our services are, of course, available online or by phone.


We Offer:

• International tax advice for your business
• International tax advice for employees
• International tax advice on investments in foreign companies
• International tax advice on foreign rental income
• International tax advice on foreign income upon investments
• International tax advice on gifts and inheritances relating to foreign assets

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