Audits of German Subsidiaries of International Companies

Cross-Border Audits

We comply with highest technical and professional standards while auditing financial statements of German subsidiaries of International Companies – according to size voluntary or statutory audits. We uncover risks and discover value. We verify the economical potential of your firm and reinforce it for the future.

For your voluntary audit we offer either a full scale audit or just a review of key figures according to the specifications of your management or the group´s auditor.

Additionally we develop the reconciliation of financial statements under German Commercial Law to foreign or international accounting standards and coordinate with the group´s auditor on the figures. We take care of additional auditing requirements, for example the audit of cash flow statements.

We adjust to the requirements of your foreign parent company efficiently and flexibly. We have collected long-term experience with the special requirements following global connections. We know where differences between international accounting standards occur. You can be assured that all requirements of your home country are met.

Of cause the complete communication including the presentation of our audit results can be held in English. We offer you a consistent contact team who will support you knowledgeably and dedicatedly.

We are passionate about border crossing audits and look forward to demonstrate, how it can be an asset for you.