International Tax Law for Companies

Your International Tax Ally

It is common for business enterprises to operate at an international level. We offer advice on all taxation issues affecting your international activities, deliver strategies for saving on taxes, and help you develop the most advantageous global company structure. Germany has double taxation agreements with many other states. We explain what factors you will need to consider concerning such agreements, and how to make them work for you. We ensure that profit allocation, reporting obligations, transfer pricing documentation, etc., are properly taken care of, and that potential tax traps are avoided. Your international activities provide possibilities to take advantage of different tax rates in the countries where you operate. For example, profits may be shifted into low-tax jurisdictions. Some states offer tax concessions for corporate activities like research and development. We assess the benefits for your business and support their realisation.

But foreign activities may carry higher tax risks as well. If you do not plan your operating base properly, or if it is not officially recognised, this could have serious tax implications. Furthermore, if you have a permanent representative abroad, this comes with tax reporting and payment obligations. We identify your risks and work hard to find solutions for any problem you may be facing.

If you have paid VAT abroad, then we can submit input tax refund applications on your behalf in respect of foreign VAT.

Foreign Companies in Germany

If you set up an operating base or subsidiary as an international company in Germany, we can offer advice on all potential tax issues. Concering the documentation of business relations, corporations with a global reach face highest requirements. We explain exactly what tax notification and documentation obligations you have in Germany, and take care of these tasks on your behalf.

Germany has double taxation agreements with various other states. We find ways to make them work for you, and explain how to make use of German tax incentives. Did you know, for example, that German tax law offers substantial tax advantages to foreign companies renting out real estate over here? We explain how you can qualify for a tax rate of just 15% in this case, and how profit distributions to your parent company in the EC are non-taxable in Germany. In addition, we protect your company from risks due to German tax law. You will receive information about depreciation opportunities and tax deductions.

The Following Services Are Offered:
  • Tax registration in Germany
  • The preparation of annual financial statements
  • The audit of annual financial statements
  • The preparation of tax returns / declarations
  • Tax optimisation and tax planning services
  • Financial accounting
  • Payroll accounting
  • VAT refund applications for EC members
  • Transfer pricing documentation
  • Tax planning and consultancy for cross-border purchase of companies and company sales