International Tax Law for Employees

We Give Tax Advice to Cross-Border Commuters

Cross-border commuters and employees working in different countries are common today. From Münster it is not far to the Netherlands and we have colleges and the university here. As a result lots of our clients have been operating internationally for a long time. Accordingly we have gathered many years of experience on international tax advice.

Opportunities of Tax Reduction

In this field tax law provides excellent opportunities for tax optimisation: salaries can be split between several countries to make use of fiscal progression effects. Income-related expenses and personal deductions can possibly even reduce tax repeatedly in each tax declaration. But it is equally important to avoid double taxation by two or more states. We develop the best tax strategy for you, explain which elements of your income are subject to tax in Germany and which are subject to tax abroad, and we prepare your German tax return. We can get in touch with your foreign tax adviser to coordinate the different tax declarations or to resolve any problems.