International Tax Law: Other Links to Foreign Countries

We Understand International Tax Correlations

Financial links with foreign countries can involve risks and generate problems, but they also create fascinating opportunities. Did you know, for example, that Germany is a tax haven for foreign companies that rent out real estate here? We explain how you can lower your tax rate to a mere 15% in this case, and how profit distributions to your parent company in the EC are non-taxable in Germany. We make suggestions how you should organise holdings in foreign companies, if you want to reduce taxes, and we offer to take over your reporting obligations.

  • We explain where your foreign pensions are taxable, and how to avoid double taxation.
  • We assist you if you have foreign rental income.
  • We advise you on foreign investment income and support you in obtaining refunding and offsetting foreign withholding taxes.
  • We handle endowments relating to foreign properties or residents and foreigners. We support you with inheritances involving foreign assets.
  • We ensure that you avoid double taxation and will answer any question that may arise in this area.